Full Body Styling Kits for Land Rover Range Rover Sport buy from Enkahnz


“Passion is something that you develop from childhood and many of us never have the courage to bring that passion from childhood into reality as adults” well said by Naveed Khan CEO Enkahnz Cars. Our company has always had passion for cars and specifically working on car bodies and restoration which has been with us for past years. This is like a tradition to us.

Located in United Kingdom with an extensive portfolio as the all time leading accident repair centre and vehicle customization boutique in the country, little wonder they are been called the “Auto Repair heaven”. With a dynamic customization and a follow up after practice, Enkahnz is now the industry-leader.


You’ve gotten accustomed to people admiring your good taste for driving a Land Rover or Range Rover Sport. Imagine how they’ll talk when they see your ride after you install a Land Rover Body kit! Add even more style and sophistication to your elegant vehicle. The brand will make your Land Rover even more compelling. But to make it work you have to trust our team at EnKahnz. Our brand is famous for offering only the most high-quality accessories and parts at a value that is easy to deal with. It’s that kind of service that keeps drivers coming back for more.

Recent study shows that car owners now tend to customize their cars and get to hold the wheels and feel the subtle beauty that goes within but getting this done appropriately seems to be the case of the grass being greener on the other side when working with the wrong company. Having adequate knowledge about the Dos and Don’ts in car customization procedures especially the Land Rover car type is one important factor we all should examine when trying to use the services of vehicle repair brands as there are lots of fake providers in the market today and when it comes to helping individuals especially the car lovers community, the appropriate programmed equipments and practice is the code upon which Enkahnz operates on.

Over the past years at EnKahnz we’ve invested significantly to create one of the most technically advanced state-of-the-art workshops in the North of England. Using the best technology, award-winning technicians, manufacturer approved tools and equipment.

Today Substantial progression is constantly ongoing at Enkahnz Cars, not only in their new branding and workshop facilities but in addition major new enhancements have been followed through to the exterior and interior, as well as further focus being highlighted to create the perfect environment for in-house designs.

Enkahnz is the future and just the tip of the iceberg to what the future holds for us all. Our talented team of experts will always offer the residents of UK and environs with substantial accident repair and vehicle customization.