How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Shipping

Working with an auto transport company is one of the ways to move your car from your old home to your new home. But while many cegonhas para transporte de veiculos type of companies will do their best to ensure the process is as pleasant for and your car as it should, there are still a few things you can do to make the transport of your car easer, quicker and more efficient. They include the following;

  1. Wash Your Car

The transporte de veiculos is a tricky business with many companies accused of scratches and dents on the car that they are not responsible for. Take a moment to thoroughly wash your car. A thorough wash will allow you to see all the scratches and dents on the vehicle and easily identify any new ones once the car is at its destination.

  1. Clean Out the Inside

It is important to note that during the transport, your vehicle will be jostled around a bit. Therefore, you want to remove items in the car that may suffer damage as a result of this movement. Remove everything that is not secured including air fresheners, spare change and electronic devices like chargers.

  1. Don’t Fuel the Car

Avoid fueling the vehicle before it is transported. For one reason, the fuel will be unnecessary since the car will not be driven but will be transported. Another reason you don’t need to fuel the car is that fuel makes the vehicle heavier which can add to the risk of shipping and even add to your costs.

  1. Check for Leaks of Other Damages

Before loading the vehicle for transport, it is important to check it for leaks and other problems. Check the undercarriage to ensure there are no risks since the transport company may refuse service if there one. If you notice leaks or any other damage to the vehicle, take the time to get it repaired before transportation.

  1. Check the Tire Pressure

If your tires are not properly inflated, you run the risk of damaging the tires during transport. This can happen during loading and unloading of the vehicle. Check the tire pressure before transport to avoid the cost of having to fix damaged tires when you arrive at your destination.

  1. Remove Custom Accessories

If you have any special accessories installed on your vehicle, you may want to remove them to prevent damage during transport. These custom accessories that can include tire rims are susceptible to damage because of their large size. You may need to remove them before the car is loaded for transport.

  1. Lock Your Car

With everything ready for transportation, you then simply need to ensure that the car is locked. There will be no need to open the vehicle for any reason once it is loaded on to the transport truck. Plus, locking the vehicle prevents the risk of theft during transit especially since you will disable the vehicle’s alarm system.