Five easy tips from a Melbourne car locksmith to avoid car key drama

Five easy tips from a Melbourne car locksmith to avoid car key drama

Keep losing your keys? Lock your doors! Are you having trouble finding your keys It happens to everyone. There is nothing to be concerned about every once in a while. However, if you are regularly losing, misplacing, or Melbourne car locksmith your keys inside your car, you may want to consider starting to worry.

1) Use your smartphone to locate lost car keys

The stone age was long before GPS and smartphones. Finding lost keys was as simple as tracing your steps to find the place they were left. It’s much easier to do this nowadays. You don’t need to go back and retrace your steps or ask store attendants for information. All you need is your phone. You can track your car keys with keychain fobs. You can track your car keys using your smartphone by following the pings. This makes it easy to find lost keys. Young’uns don’t realize how valuable they are! Want more?

2) Disable automatic locking

Today’s cars are equipped with many conveniences that were unheard of just a few years ago. Keyless ignition, remote unlocking and transponder keys are just a few of the many conveniences available today. Automatic locking is a convenience you might not have realized you had. Many auto-locking systems can lock your car automatically after you have stopped driving. This is a neat little feature, but there are many situations where you have to abandon everything in order to attend to another urgent matter. Let’s say that you forgot something in the office, or that you stopped by to talk to a colleague in the parking lot. After finishing up, you turn around to discover that your auto lock system had shut you out, leaving your car keys inside. This feature is responsible for many lockouts that we are called to. Most cars equipped with this feature can be disabled. The procedure will vary depending on the vehicle you drive. For more information on how to disable an auto-lock, consult the owner’s guide, call your dealer, or consult Doctor Google.

3) Keep your keys separate from the car remote.

We’re talking about lost car keys so here’s a tip: Keep your remote and car keys separate. You might consider keeping the keys and remote on separate keychains. In this way, if you lock one of them in your car accidentally, there will be another way to unlock it and get to it. Are you worried about losing one of the items now that they are separate? You don’t have to be worried about losing one of them because they’re separate. Instead, attach them to two items that you won’t forget so you minimize the chance of them becoming lost. Your phone and wallet, for example, are excellent candidates.

4) Be creative

Human beings are creative and imaginative, if you ask us. To get to where are we today, we would have to be. We’ve heard many clever and creative ways motorists keep an eye on their keys over the years. One way is to make your keys glow in the dark or create glowing key fobs.

To make sure your car keys don’t get lost in the dark or in a bag that turns into a black hole, glow-in-the Dark paint or stickers can be used.

5) Find your nearest automotive locksmith

“Make it idiot-proof and they will make a better idiot.” – Unknown. We don’t think you are stupid. Even the most intelligent person can make a mistake. These hacks are useful for avoiding car key drama but they’re not foolproof.

Even with all your best efforts, it is possible to lose your car keys or lock yourself out. You need a backup plan in case of emergency. Your local locksmith can quickly respond to any car key issues.

Our mobile locksmith service is available to help you wherever and whenever you need it. No matter what problem you have, our vans are equipped with all necessary locksmithing equipment. We recommend that you have at least one locksmith on your phone.

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