Moving From California to Florida

California and Florida have a lot in common from bright weather and miles of shoreline to their love of all things Disney. That is why it is not surprising that many Californians become Floridians. Despite their similarities, however, there are important differences between both of these countries that could have a towing a car from California to Florida massive influence on your wellbeing. Let us explore a few of the advantages of visiting Florida, the expenses related to the move, and also how to begin relocating.

Benefits of Moving from California to Florida

There’s not any question it will be a large change trading in hills and seasonable temperatures for shore humidity and towns, but Florida has many fantastic features which make it a wonderful place to call home. For starters, the price of living is radically more affordable in Florida. California ranks as the second most expensive place to live in the nation so individuals who go from California will discover property costs considerably less expensive in Florida. Not only is Florida cheaper, but there are more jobs to be needed. The unemployment rate in Florida is 3.8percent compared to 4.2percent in California. What’s more, Florida is the perfect place for outdoor enthusiasts. Since a lot of Californians are used to outside lifestyles, this creates the transition into Florida much simpler. The hot temperatures, sunny weather, and access to miles of shoreline make Florida an superb location for fishing, swimming, biking, biking, and boating.

Lower Taxes

In regards to comparing taxation rates between the two nations, Florida wins hands down. California has the greatest state-level earnings tax in the nation at 8 percent while Florida sits in only 6 percent. California also offers a state income tax of 13.3percent while Florida has no state income taxation. Florida’s low tax rates offer better chances to start companies and may mean a massive difference for taxation returns.

Landscape and Scenery

California certainly boasts amazing scenery, but Florida is home to a number of the planet’s most gorgeous beaches. These magnificent white sand beaches always rank as some of the very best beaches on the planet. Florida also provides residents with opportunities to research two different bodies of water, the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean and in which they could experience world wide fishing. From quaint coastal cities like St. Augustine into the unbelievable all-natural habitat of Everglades National Park, Florida provides a varied landscape and a good deal of stunning scenery.


Florida’s education system is exceptional as it serves an extremely large number of ELL (English Language Learners) students. It’s also admired for the colleges, colleges, and universities. Florida is rated as having among the maximum AP test scores of any state, and it has shown considerable progress in test scores in the past several decades.