Sell Your Auto Faster – 4 Great Tips!

It is hard sometimes to get rid of your old auto but i and going to share with you 4 great tips to get the best price and sell your auto much faster, I have owned over 100 auto’s in my life and yes i had to sell them when i was done. So i hope this helps.

Auto selling tip # 1 Clean your car! I know you would think everyone would know to do this but you would be surprised at how many people fail to adequately do this very simple thing. And i mean clean like you have never cleaned it before, Wash it, Wax it, Vacuum it, Do the windows, Clean the engine, Clean the wheels / rims etc. You have to put yourself in your buyers shoes they are about to spend their hard earned money on an auto and they want to get the best value they can. People love their autos and it makes sense that they would want to see themselves in a nice fresh clean auto. You would right? I have always used a auto’s appearance as a point in my negotiations, If it was dirty, (Even though i know what i could do with the car due to my auto detailing experience) I would offer them far less then the asking price.

Auto selling tip # 2 Research your car, Having a good understanding of your auto’s market value will help keep you grounded in reality as to what you can expect to receive for it. A good idea would be to search local and on-line classifieds and you might want to check out the blue book value. Just keep in mind that your auto is going to sell for what the market dictates, And even though you might think it is worth more then what you see in the market it does not make it so. ( Of course bear in mind the first tip will help considerably in this ).

Auto selling tip # 3 Know what you want for your auto before you put it up for sale. Now consider this if you want $10,000 for your auto then you may want to put it up for $11,000 the reason being of course is that people want negotiating room, ( They love deals so give them one! ). I cant tell you how many times i have never bothered to call someone who has the word firm in their ad, It just makes sense not to exclude any possible market from calling on your auto. Also don’t give out your lowest price over the phone, Let them come and fall in love with your auto then let the negotiations begin.

Auto selling tip # 4 OK I am going to give you a selling technique that is well…. On the edge of good taste. Here we go When a person calls on your auto use this line “oh were you one of the ones that called already on this, I have a allot of messages to call back and just wondered if you had already called” This of course will lead them to believe that you have a hot item and others are quite interested in it ,Creating an urgency for them to come and see the auto. Like i said that’s a bit on the edge, Sorry. ( But it is very effective.)

Well i hope the advice here helps you sell your auto faster then ever before.

My name is Christian Gillman I have worked in various fields of the automotive industry, Including auto sales, Auto repossessions, Auto transport, Auto detailing, I have seen the best and worst and i am more of a consumer advocate then a greedy salesman so i love to tear down the dirty little secrets of the auto industry.