Things a good driver should be able to do

Today, almost everyone has his or her own personal transport. Someone is interested in a two-wheeled transport, and cannot imagine their life without a motorcycle, someone cannot live without a car, and someone cannot imagine themselves without such an occupation as a driver. However, buying a motorcycle or a car does not make you a good driver. It is certainly not enough to finish courses on driving and get a permission to drive in the form of a driver’s license in order to be called a really good driver.

So what is it that a driver should be able to do in order to be called a good driver?

Of course, you cannot do without theoretical knowledge meaning without the knowledge of the traffic rules and without the ability to handle a car especially a fast one like an Audi S4 or a used BMW. However if you want to become a really good driver, you need to have some experience in driving on urban roads, highways, in off-road conditions and the like. Moreover, it is not enough to travel by car for a couple of months to get enough experience. In this case, it takes years: you need to learn how to drive in the evening and at night, in the afternoon and early in the morning. You need to develop a good reaction, which is always useful on the road, because your safety does not always depend on your knowledge. There will always be another driver – an amateur who likes to break the rules. This is where you need a good reaction that will help you quickly assess the situation and avoid a possible collision.

A good driver has nerves of steel and a great patience, without which it is also very hard on the roads, as you may always meet a driver who will cut you off or cause an emergency on the road. Here you need to have some self-control, which will not let you get angry, because anger and inattention could also be a cause for an accident.

A good driver can replace a wheel if there is a problem in the form of a puncture.

A good driver should be technically savvy. They should be like an office manager, who needs to know the computer in order to work seamlessly with programs. In the same way, a driver needs to be a bit of a mechanic to be able to fix some little malfunctioning that may occur at any time on the road. Thus, a good driver should understand the structure of the car and be able to fix it if necessary.
Summarizing, we can say that a driver is the one that is technically savvy, who knows how to communicate with passengers, who is emotionally balanced and is able to respond quickly to emerging situations on the road.

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