Why women love Toyotas

Toyota is the #1 auto manufacturer in the world. It is also a fact that more than 52 percent of auto purchases in the U.S.A are made by women, and that 85 percent of all vehicle purchases are influenced or influenced by them.

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Are They Following the Crowd?

Do women buy Toyotas because they follow the advice of spin doctors? Or are there other reasons? Toyota has sterling scores for nearly every category from almost every vehicle ranking service, so any woman who doesn’t follow the Kelly Blue Book and Edmunds wouldn’t be following folly.

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It’s not just cars

Toyota Highlander and other Toyota sports utility vehicles have taken over the female market. They’re perfect for moms who are constantly on the move with their kids, shopping, and even musical instruments. But why Toyota? Let’s review the many reasons that so many women love this particular vehicle.

The Highlander has ample cargo space, which is great for moms as well as professional women who are on the move. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), which gave the Highlander a five-star rating, ranked it as one of the most safe vehicles on the roads. This vehicle is also a workhorse that can be upgraded to provide luxury for women who want to travel in style.

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Is there something in the air?

There is a general consensus that women are more concerned about the environment than men. Toyota’s range of hybrid vehicles would be appealing to them, along with all of the other features. A hybrid vehicle is the best choice for those who care about the environment and its future.

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No matter if you are a mom, a professional, or an environmentalist. Toyota cars-hybrid and not-offering you options which more than 9 billion cars produced speaks high of. Stop and admire the #1 selling brand worldwide for men and women next time you pass one.