Elena Gilbert: was the former main woman

elena gilbert Salvatore (nee Gilbert), was the main female protagonist in The Vampire Diaries. Initially, elena gilbert seems to be a normal human girl. However, it is revealed that she is a Petrova doppelganger. She became a vampire in Season Three’s finale, despite not wanting to. She takes the Cure to regain her humanness in I’d Leave My Happy Home For You

Since the death of her adoptive parents Miranda and Grayson Gilbert when she was 17 years old, Elena struggled to live a normal existence. Her life was also drastically changed when she and her friends became entangled in the supernatural world around them and were forced to confront powerful supernatural enemies.

Elena Gilbert was described by her as a star student 

She was popular, smart, kind, caring, and compassionate. She was vulnerable and could become a damsel.

elena gilbert is best friend with Bonnie Bennett, Caroline Forbes, Matt Donovan and Damon Salvatore. She was also close friends with her late brother-in-law/ex-boyfriend, Stefan Salvatore. She was influenced most by her romantic relationships with the Salvatore brothers and her antagonistic relationship to Katerina Petrova throughout the series.

Season One saw Elena still grieving the loss of her parents when she met Stefan Salvatore, a new student at Mystic Fall High School. Elena and Stefan fall for each other. Nevertheless, Elena gilbert soon discovers that Damon and Stefan are both vampires. Katherine Pierce is the woman who made the Salvatore brothers vampires in 1864. Elena also discovers that Katherine is her biological mother. elena gilbert learns that she was adopted and that her parents were John Gilbert, Alaric’s uncle, and Isobel Flemming her wife.

Season 2: Elena discovers she is Katherine’s Doppelganger. This explains their similar appearance. Klaus, an Original Vampire wants to sacrifice Elena to end an ancient curse. The sacrifice is made despite Elena and her friends’ best efforts. John, her biological father, gave his life for Elena gilbert. After turning Elena into a vampire, Klaus murdered Elena’s aunt Jenna and left Jeremy as her only blood relative.

Damon commanded her to comfort her after Jeremy’s passing in Season Four. She then turned off her humanity to spare her from all the guilt. Rare cases of vampires form a sire bond with the person who turned them. This is based on how strong they felt about humans before they transitioned. After a short time, she was able to regain some of her humanity thanks to Damon and Matt’s surprising plan.

In Season Five, Elena was also controlled by Katherine. She was trying to escape the curse of the cure. Elena’s friends took some time to realize Katherine’s lies. When she died, Katherine left a ‘little gift’. She infected Elena with a deadly virus. However, this was later cured. Damon and she reunited at the end of the series, but it was brief. Damon, Elena, and Caroline came up with a plan to bring Stefan and others from The Other Side. It involved Olivia Parker using a spell the Travelers used to bring Markos back to life. The spell was stopped by Damon before Bonnie could pass through the Anchor. As the Other Side began to crumble, Elena and her friends were heartbroken.

In Season Six, Elena used drugs to hallucinate Damon in an attempt to cope with his death. These drugs increased her blood thirst so she tried another method, which involved erasing all memories of Damon.

After their memories were erased, she saw Damon as the selfish and arrogant person that had killed her brother. Damon returned to her life shortly after and she decided to give it another chance. After seeing him rescue Bonnie from prison, she fell for him again and began to love him. Later, Bonnie tells her of the cure and she takes it. She hopes to have a family and has Damon’s future in the future.

Things are going well until Kai destroys Jo and Alaric’s wedding and casts an evil spell on Elena, tying her life to Bonnie’s. Bonnie is allowed to live her life until her time. She makes a great sacrifice. Before saying goodbye, she knows she will be seeing Damon, Stefan, and Caroline again some day.

Elena lived in Gilbert’s family home at 2104 Maple Street for most of her adult life. During season 4, she briefly moved to Salvatore Boarding House. Her brother, Jeremy became a member The Five. He developed an insatiable desire to kill vampires and made it impossible for them both to live together. Elena set fire to the Gilbert house after Jeremy died. She stayed at the Salvatore Boarding House until her death, then moved to Whitmore College.

From Seasons One through Four, she attended Mystic Fall High School, where she was a cheerleader and honor student. She was also one of the most well-known girls at the school. Elena wanted to be a great writer, so she keeps a journal in which she records everything that happens in her daily life. Elena was initially inspired to follow this path by her adoptive mom, who gave her her first diary at the age of ten. She began attending Whitmore College in Season Five. In Season Six, she majored pre-med and hoped to become a doctor.

Kai Parker put Elena in a coma and she would have stayed there until Bonnie’s death. Bonnie found a way for Bonnie to wake her up and they were able to reunite with their friends. Elena said goodbye to Stefan before she was able to live a happy and long life with Damon. Elena fulfilled her dream of becoming a doctor before she passed away from old age. She found peace by reuniting her biological parents John and Grayson, as well as her aunt Jenna, and her aunt Miranda. Elena is the last member of both the Petrova Family and the Gilbert Family.