Gundham Tanaka

For the TL-DR version

As a young child, gundham tanaka had always had a difficult life. His mother was the most supportive mother a boy could ever ask for. His abusive father made it difficult for him to be happy and, more often than not she supported him in their disputes.

He found comfort in music, despite that. Pop music was his favorite, especially the Japanese idols. He was also a big fan of classical music. His first instrument was the cello. He had a special glow in the eyes when he spoke about music. It was filled with potential. In the hope of making others happy through the power of his music, he took it upon himself to learn music theory.

He was a passionate boy in elementary school. He was a passionate boy who loved to sing.

He was so upset with his classmates that he became a victim to bullying.

A combination of external issues and his own psychological trauma led to a severe psychological trauma that he carried with him throughout high school. He felt he couldn’t possibly be loved by anyone and created an alternative rock metal persona.

He put aside his past self. He hated the self he was… and everyone else hated it. You don’t need to be any more. He might change his outside appearance to be more like him. He pierced his ears, wore punk Gothic clothes, and used color contacts. He won’t let anyone get too close to him or hurt them if he makes others afraid.

The Dark Devas Gundham tanaka:

After Gundham Tanaka had rearranged his appearance, he immediately set about making his bedroom into an audio recording studio. He was responsible for all his tools and would often use dumpsters to search for equipment or instruments.

He stumbled across a strange box while on a regular fixer-upper trip. He was initially startled by the idea of a venomous creature that could destroy his entire being at any moment, but he was surprised to find four cute hamsters emerging from the hole.

Gundham Tanaka couldn’t leave him alone so he thought gundham Tanaka could bring them in as his friends. The newest members of the gundham Tanaka support crew and mascots were thus born.

Maelstrum Meeting

Gundham used to frequent the local music shop, dreaming of something he wouldn’t be able reach with his eyes. He wanted to buy everything… but he was only a student.

He would practice every instrument and master it in no time. Gundham Tanaka was recognized by the manager of the small shop and gave him an electric guitar and amp as a token to his gratitude. His newfound instrument was nicknamed “Mael-strum” by him, and he would often talk to it like it were alive. Since he doesn’t have anyone to talk to, he does this.