Our “Hornbeck Boats” What’s not to like?

When a gust caused my kayak to tip and roll hornbeck boats towards the ground at Falcon Lake State Park, Texas, I was attempting to hoist it up onto the truck. It was up and in position the next time, but I thought, “This is getting harder every year – lifting 50-60 pound kayak eight foot up to a rack of the F-150.” It was much easier when I was ten years older and it was the Saab.

The next morning, I felt tightened in my chest. It was probably due to the strain on my torso from the kayak. I did have heart problems (Afib). My daughter was 2000 miles away, so she texted and emailed me. I believe she left a message requesting that I get it checked.

It was quite interesting. I was the only Anglo there – most people go to the bigger facilities in the Valley. The Hispanic PA and the entire staff were excellent. They performed an EKG, bloodwork, and a complete exam. I was satisfied with everything. It has been.

This episode was the catalyst to start serious about replacing the Eddyline boat with something simpler. They were sold on Craigslist within a month of our return.

I’d heard of some lightweight canoes from New York State a few years back and was intrigued to meet a Texas man with two Hornbeck boats attached to his car. They were a hit with him.

Mary, the dog, and I headed to Olmsteadville, New York, on a Saturday several months ago. We tried out many boats on their small pond and bought two Classics for Mary, one ten-footer and one twelve-footer. The lightness (16 and 18 lbs), the ease of paddling and the stability were all things we loved.

Sue Audette, aka The Bag Lady, sold me custom boat covers years ago to protect my Kevlar from sunburn and road rash.

My Hornbeck boats is easy to load and it’s stability for birding or photography are reasons I love it. They are versatile enough to be used by a variety of sizes and ages. I think we will use them more than our kayaks. I am currently Sea Born Boats debating whether or not to bring one this winter. We’ll only be close to water for about a month. Keep watching.