Sea Born Boats: Is now available in the Center

Georgia-based Sea Born Boats has begun construction on a 30,000-square foot production addition.

Composite Research president Wally Bell stated that sea born boats now a complete lineup of five bay boats as well as four center consoles measuring 21 to 24 feet.

Composite Research is the manufacturer of Spyder, Sundance, and sea born boats.

Bell stated, “We are excited and looking forward how these new models can translate to continued success to our dealers and most importantly, happy boat owners.”

The new LX series models have a sidewall that is higher than sea born boats. According to the company, each LX has forward-lounge seating and storage space below.

The convertible leaning posts allow the co-pilot and pilot to choose whether they want to be seated or standing from the console. The larger models have bench seating and a transom. Flip-up seats can be pushed down to create a rear casting deck on the smaller model at 21 feet.

Composite Research stated that it released the LX22 and several bay boats last year as part of its sea born boats growth strategy.

According to the company, it has also begun construction on a 30,000-square foot production addition. According to the company, the new center consoles and facilities upgrades will allow it to keep up with the increasing sales demand of its dealers.

Bell stated that Bell is always working to provide dealers with the tools and products they need to succeed. We want dealers and buyers to be able to work together to find the best boat for their needs, while also considering Hudson Valley Motorcycles their budget.

Composite Research claims that it has created new models in addition to adding new jobs at its manufacturing facility.

Dave Travis, production manager, stated that “Over the past five-to six months we have added a few dozen positions to our production team.” We expect more of the same as new dealers are added and orders increase.