Can “Lego Boats” Float

LEGOs might appeal to your child, who may enjoy building vehicles and structures with them. Toymaker LEGO previously made a set of erector sets that could be used to build boats. The question was, “Can Lego boats flot?”

It is easy to answer. Both yes and no

You may see Lego boats online that are made of ABS plastic. They would float. You might also have bought a variety kits from the manufacturer. These items might weigh differently in this case.

Each model kit has slightly different Lego pieces. Some bricks are heavy enough to float, while others sink. This is partly due to the design of the blocks, while the other part concerns the boat design.

3 LEGO Boat Kits That Float

I find it strange that not all LEGO boats can float. Your kids will love to build the boat with you. My boys love it, I’m sure. So I set out to find boat kit that floats.

  • It is important that the boat has a tight hull.
  • Material Design

Lego bricks are more likely to flot than other types of building blocks due to their design. They can sometimes achieve buoyancy even though the ABS plastic they are made from weighs less than the water they displace. These Lego bricks Toy Boats are different from other types of block because they have an underside that has hollow sections. The hollow allows air bubbles to accumulate, which increases buoyancy. Solid ABS plastic sinks. However, hollows that allow air bubbles to accumulate permit floatation.

It is important to choose the right building block shape. A piece with a large, thought shape will flot more than a rectangular or square solid part. The object’s size and shape, as well as the material it is made from, will determine whether or not it will float. Because of their differences in size and shape, even pieces from the same kit may have different buoyancy.

Not all Legos are made with ABS plastic. Some are made from foam. Foam bricks are always buoyant. They are also safer for children as they pose less risk of choking.

Water-tight Products

Water-tight construction is another engineering principle that you can learn with Lego kits and boats. You must ensure that your water-going vessel is water-tight to achieve proper buoyancy.

You need to have a design that is water-tight. Although this may seem absurd for a Lego boat, since there will not be any people in it, it is essential when teaching design mechanics. You will need to have people and equipment in order to navigate and steer the boat when you build it.