Sanger Boats: At Larson Power Boats

Sanger Boats Announced at Larson’s Powerboats/Sports Northwest The Sanger boats line competes with Mastercraft, Nautique, Malibu and Nautique. To gain market share, you won’t have to spend a lot of money on magazines or athletes sponsorships. Sanger relies on thousands of satisfied customers, their reputation, which saves you thousands of dollars. This allows Sanger to concentrate on what they do best: building high-quality boats at an affordable price.


Craftsman is someone who uses skill and dexterity to create or perform in the manual arts. Craftsmanship is still an art at Sanger Boats. Our ski and wakeboard boats are still built with precision and care one at a. Each one of our rare production masterpieces is made in our 10-acre facility in the heart California’s central Valley. This area’s climate has been proven to be ideal for creating the best boats in the world.

Each boat is rigged individually. This makes it possible to ensure that every function is covered, which is not the case with mass-produced boats. All of our small parts are manufactured under one roof to ensure the highest Lego Boats quality possible. The manufacturing integrity is maintained by little details such as through-bolted motor mounts or bilge pumps mounted to aluminum plates. These are just two examples of the quality that sets Sanger Boats apart amongst the rest.


The Raptor Series is a three-time winner of an award, Indmar’s engine suite. It is based on the 6.2L SOHC V8 Super DutyFord block.

Engineered for extreme marine applications and the durability to support all of your boating activities. This engine suite has the versatility to withstand the harshest marine conditions thanks to its dual personality Raptor Series. It has more than 10,000 hours of open water, lab and durability testing. This engine is reliable and durable.

Every engine in our exclusive line-up is standard with Indmar’s high-performance pedigree, which spans almost a half century and has seen world records. Every engine is built on a solid foundation and comes with a 5-Year Factory Warranty. Inboard marine power is the best, so there’s no better choice than an Indmar. The Indmar is the most popular inboard marine engine worldwide.