Milk truck: flips over after semi-truck collision

GRANT COUNTY (Wis.) — A semi collided with a milk truck and caused a milk truck to flip over onto its side, according the Grant County Sheriff’s Office.

The accident occurred on Highway 69 between offerup motorcycles Kelly Lane & Longbranch Road at 11:50 a.m.

According to the release, Gerald Busch (64), was driving a milk truck owned and operated by Simon Brothers Trucking out of Cuba City.

A semi drove into his lane while he was driving northbound on Highway 61

David Hellerud (25), of La Crosse was driving the other semi-truck, which is owned and operated by Reinhart Food Service in La Crosse.

Witnesses claimed that they saw the trucks against one another. Deputies were also informed by witnesses that Hellerud’s truck had forced the milk truck onto its shoulder, causing it flip over.

According to the release, Hellerud drove north on Highway 61 until he was stopped by a Grant County deputy.

The crash caused severe damage to the milk truck. The rider side of the other semi was unaffected. According to the release, neither driver was injured.

Semi-Over on Highway Ramp Drivers for Milk Trucks

The scene was attended to by officers from both the Indianapolis Police and Fire Departments. The truck driver may have taken the ramp too fast and lost control over his tractor trailer, according to the Fire Department. Captain Rita Reith, a spokeswoman for Fire Department, stated that Farrell Carraco, 51, of Anderson, IN. He was also on McCarty Street when the semi-truck overturned.

According to Sgt. Matthew Mount, Indianapolis Metropolitan Police, stated that Carraco was driving too fast and hit the ramp’s centre divider. He flipped the tractor trailer around 8:20 AM on Monday. Emergency crews were unable to free Mr. Carraco from the truck’s cab.

The semi truck had approximately 16 milk skids when it rolled, and there were about 50 gallons of milk that was spilled onto the road. The truck also lost nearly thirty gallons diesel fuel after its gas tank was punctured in the impact. Workers had to clean up the area after the spillage.

Milk Truck Tips over after Semi Merges

Sheriff Nate Dreckman stated that a semi truck caused a milk truck in Grant County to roll onto its back while trying to merge lanes.

On Tuesday, deputies responded to a rollover on Highway 61 close to Potosi. Dreckman claims Gerald Busch drove the truck northbound on Highway 61 between Kelly Lane & Longbranch Road.

Witnesses claimed that a semi truck driven by Brian Hellerud, was in the passing lanes and started to merge into the right lane. The truck ranch witnesses claimed that the vehicles were rubbing against each other, as the 25-year old driver continued to merge and forced a truck into the shoulder, causing it tip over.