Zombie Monster Truck: Creepy & Iconic

It’s scary, interconnected and crazy. It is mobile and has been voted in by fans who wanted to see a truck with zombie themes on the track.” Bari Musawwir zombie monster truck are unique not only in its appearance but also in the way it came to be. Monster Jam offered fans the chance to vote for the type of truck they would like to see in the arena. Zombie won the contest…fans even picked the name. The voting was held in 2012, and the truck was constructed that year.

Zombie was officially launched in Memphis, TN in 2013. It was driven by Sean Duhon. Before this, Sean drove the Superman truck.

Zombie is a fan favorite since its debut. Because they were part of its creation, many fans feel a special connection. Many fans dress up as zombies to attend zombie monster truck Jam Events. I bet many of you are now feeling a bit silly for not taking me up on my offer to put on zombie makeup.

Looking Like a Zombie

Zombies are a strong image. They have outstretched arms, rotting flesh, and bloody splattered skin. So how can you design a truck that Truck Ranch will live up to this iconic and terrifying legacy? We and all Monster Jam fans are fortunate that the Zombie team found a way.

Zombie’s appearance was a delight with its yellow eyes, rotting teeth and semi-exposed brain. The truck’s driver, Sean, was seen wearing zombie-esque makeup, adding to its amazing aesthetic.

There have been many Zombie look changes over the years. They all share one thing in common: they are all super creepy and dope.

Standard Zombie – This is the regular truck. It’s pale grey with ripped skin and tattered blue clothing. Because the original Standard Zombie truck was considered too frightening, the current Standard Zombie truck has some minor differences. They also removed the tie worn by the original Zombie and added permanent arms.

Standard (Original) Zombie Truck

Bald Zombie – except for the fact that it didn’t have hair, the Bald zombie monster truck was exactly the same as the Standard Zombie

Bald Zombie was seen only once at an encore

Skeleton Zombie- The Skeleton Zombie first appeared in 2016, but it didn’t last very long as its body was too difficult to make. It had skeleton arms and a skeleton-like paint job. It wore purple clothes and had ultraviolet lights in its eyes.

*Female Zombies- This zombie has yellow skin, green eyes and purple clothes. It also has painted nails, eyeliner, eyelashes and a ponytail. The Female Zombie, which is second in popularity after the Standard Zombie, is the most popular zombie.