Motel Rocks: Worth the hype

The pull of fast fashion can sometimes be overwhelming. While I don’t like the way clothes are made sometimes, you still need something for your wardrobe. Although I admit to shopping too much from fast fashion motel rocks brands, my salary is not enough to afford pieces from my favourite brands. My wardrobe would include pieces from All Saints or The Kooples if I had the money, but that would require me to triple my salary.

Fast fashion is so embedded in our society that there are always new brands. It can be difficult to determine which brands are worth shopping from. Motel Rocks, or as I think it is now called Motel, has been a brand on my radar for quite some time. Their clothes have been worn by many influencers and there are a lot more ads on social media. I’ve seen many pieces that I like, but was never able to decide whether I wanted to buy from them.

In April, I decided to purchase a few pieces of the brand’s collection because they offered a 30% discount. This is a significant discount for Motel. After months of testing the pieces, I’m finally ready to share my thoughts.

Motel Rocks or Motel company 

Motel/Motel Rocks is a company that I feel has been around for quite some time and has kept up with the fashion trends. Although I may be wrong, I believe they owned a store on Park Street in Bristol a long time ago before the internet. Their Linkedin page shows that they have been around since the 1990s. This supports my belief that it was on Bristol’s high street. Internet shopping was not a popular option back then.

Although I didn’t see much of it for a while, there has been an increase in interest and they are tapping into the Influencer market. The brand was a little too printed for my taste. I also didn’t think the clothes were of good quality as the photos on the website showed. I didn’t buy from the brand because of the poor quality and unknown. But then I saw the Ditsy Rose print, and I was hooked.

You can see that most people have a consistent pattern and will use it in many different colors. In theory, there should be a style that suits everyone. Many of their pieces have a grunge feel to them, which is juxtaposed with a more Ibiza partywear vibe. Personal preference is up to you. I personally prefer the grungier style. You can often buy a style that you like in many different prints. This is great for petite people like me, who often struggle with sizing.

Ordering and delivery

The website underwent a redesign after I placed my order. It was much-needed. They have now changed the website’s layout and colour scheme to make it more modern and contemporary.

The website has not been made easier to use by the update. Although it’s visually more appealing, it’s harder to see if an item is available when it has been added to your favourites. Items are only added to my favorites because they are out-of-stock. I want to be notified when they return in stock. I want an easy life, and the Motel website doesn’t offer that. It actually annoys my because I believe I will buy something, but it is out of stock.

The website is easy to use, and the checkout is the same as many smaller brands. It is similar to the Astrid & Miyu website check out. My little purchase was free shipping if you spend more than PS30. However, this is not the norm. Normally, you need to spend more than PS50, which can be quite expensive, but it can be done. Motel is quite expensive for a fast fashion brand.

Two items I bought took a long time to arrive. They said it would take 5 days for delivery, but it actually took 5 days. It is not a problem, but it is unusual that it takes this long. The clothing was wrapped individually in plastic bags with Motel branding. It is typical of fast fashion brands. Although I wish fast fashion brands were more eco-friendly, Rona times might not see this as a major problem.

Hime Dress & Saika Skirt

Two pieces were purchased from Motel. They were styles I had been looking at for a while. Although they weren’t exactly the colour or pattern I was looking for, they were still affordable. They were a great introduction to the brand, and I loved the pieces I bought so it was not too far from what I wanted.