Purple “William afton” bizarre grin is fitting

“So, the Afton family is responsible for all the bad stuff going down in Five Nights at Freddy’s Series?” “Pretty much. It’s not surprising. They are dysfunctional, despite William Afton genius and despite living in idyllic neighbourhoods and projecting an outward appearance that they are normal.

Sister Location and FNAF 4 are linked together to give an overview of the Afton family. William Afton is the patriarch, and also owns at least one Fazbear Pizzeria. His older son, Michael, is also there. A little boy named Michael, who is always afraid of the unknown, and a little girl called Elizabeth are also available.

Sister Location’s opening scene shows William Afton loves animatronics that can kill children. After luring Elizabeth with an ice cream cone, “Circus Baby,” a female clown named “Circus Baby”, is one of his most beloved animatronics. William warned Elizabeth to avoid the animatronic.

The strange grin of Purple-William is typical for a child killer. He seems to be able to see the ghosts of the animatronics. Ironically, he dies in the last FNAF 3 minigame. He tries to hide the ghosts of the children inside an animatronic shaped as a yellow bunny. But it snaps shut and impales him.

But Purple-William didn’t die. Purple-William’s zombified corpse is still alive, tangled in the mechanics of his rabbit animatronic. He “lives” to haunt him as an animatronic called “Springtrap” during the events of FNAF 3.

It is important to note that FNAF 3 takes place 30 years after FNAF 1 or FNAF 2. However, its mini-games take place in the past and will show you Springtrapā€™s origin.

“So William Afton was the first Purple Guy to kill the children?” “Did Michael Afton kill any of the Purple Guys, William Afton?

William is seen outright killing children during the FNAF2 mini-games. His son Michael is mostly innocent. Michael did murder a child but it was accidental. His role as the protagonist of FNAF series suggests that he is trying to get redemption for what he did.

Pizzeria Simulator has more hidden stories that William may have used the souls of his murder victims to create immortality experiments. The animatronic can live forever if the souls of the children are “bound”. Henry, William’s ex-business partner, was unwittingly a part of these experiments. He assists Michael in bringing William to a fiery climax at the end of Pizzeria Simulator. Then, he allows himself and Michael be smolder by the flames.

Consider that William Afton may simply be mad genius. He loved Elizabeth as his daughter and was very strict about keeping her from Circus Baby. He was aware of the dangers that the animatronic could cause and didn’t want his daughter to be hurt. “Sweetie don’t let my crazy death-contraption kill you,” is a low bar to judge a caring father, but it is the only indicator that William Afton can be considered a human being.

It is also important to note that Elizabeth (whose soul remains in the Circus Baby animatronic), and William (as Springtrap), still seem to care about each other in a strange way. But William clearly doesn’t care much for his sons Michael and Crying Boy. Michael terrorizes his little brother with FNAF 4’s minigames. He destroys his toys and scares him constantly while wearing a Foxy mask. Michael’s pranks eventually go too far, and he kills the Crying Boy. William knew his son was suffering before his death. All the neighborhood children make fun of him because he weeps constantly, but he does not do anything to end the pain. He actually plans the Crying Boys birthday party at the pizzeria despite his obvious fear (yes the Crying boy was fatally wounded on his birthday). Uplifting! ).

Unsettlingly, the Crying child spends his time in a comatose / dreaming condition before his death. This allows him to fight off the monstrous animatronics he is afraid of (this is the gameplay portion for FNAF 4). Sister Location reveals that William Afton had or had surveillance of his son’s sickroom. This was transmitted to a secret bunker room where he constructed and fixed his animatronics.