Many of us grew-up watching power rangers motorcycles. True fans don’t just watch the series and call it great. A Power Rangers helmet is a great way to show your admiration.

Before I get into all the options for riders who want to represent their favorite Power Ranger on the road, let me take a look at the various Power Rangers and what their attributes are.

Who are the power rangers motorcycles?

A Power Ranger is a young man recruited by Zordon to transform into a superhero. Power Rangers don spandex suits with helmets that are full-body and tight fitting. Power Rangers can transform into superhuman abilities and skills, and can even pilot huge assault machines called Zords.

The helmet is an important part of the Power Ranger suit. The helmet, which is the same colour as their suit, protects and conceals their identity. Here is a look at the core power rangers motorcycles group.

The Red Ranger

Jason Lee Scott is also known as the Red Ranger. He is the leader of power rangers motorcycles. Jason is a California Cutter Aviation martial artist. He is originally from Angel Grove, a fictional place. Jason believes Zordon’s superpowers. He received the Dinozord Power Coin from the Tyrannosaurus.

The Black Ranger

Zack Taylor was also the Black Ranger. He also attended Angel Grove High School. He is a lively, upbeat character who has martial arts skills that are almost as good as the Red Ranger. Zach is awarded the Mastodon Power Coin by Zordon after he becomes a Power Ranger.

The Blue Ranger

The Blue Ranger (also known as Billy Cranston) is an unusual member of the group and is well-known for being the brains behind the power rangers motorcycles. He starts as a stereotypical nerd, but he develops into a character over the course of the series. Zordon gives him the Triceratops Power Coin when he becomes a Power Ranger.

The Yellow Ranger

Trini Kwan is also known as the Yellow Ranger. Zordon chose her for her sharp wits, top-level martial arts skills and knowledge of kung fu. She is also a smart member of the group, often discussing technical subjects with the Blue Ranger.
The Pink Ranger
Kimberly Hart is also known as The Pink Ranger. She’s the stereotypical valley girl, but she grows more compassionate and kind-hearted as the series progresses. She is smart and clever. She is a skilled fighter because of her gymnastic abilities. Zordon gave her Zordon the Pterodactyl Energy Coin.

The Green Ranger

Tommy Oliver, the Green Ranger, was also known as Tommy Oliver. He attended Angel Grove High School, where he sparred with Red Ranger in a tournament of martial arts before joining the group. The evil witch Rita Repulsa gives him the Dragon Power Coin. He is charismatic and a skilled fighter.