Phillips 66 and “Cutter Aviation” A strong relationship that has lasted 77 years

Cutter Aviation is an expert in maintaining long-lasting relationships. Phillips 66 Aviation’s oldest branded FBO is the oldest in America, and it is also owned and operated by a family. FBOs have carved out a niche in the industry using the same principles founded by William P. Cutter in 1928: respect, trust, and integrity.

Cutter Aviation’s solid reputation has allowed them to secure large contracts, including the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), Energy¬†contract for their locations at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, (KPHX), in Phoenix, Arizona. Steven Prieser, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Albuquerque International Sunport, (ABQ), Albuquerque N.M., credits the FBO’s relationship with Phillips 66 Aviation for their status as the U.S. military fuel supplier.

Cutter Aviation’s network comprises five Phillips 66 branded FBO locations located at Albuquerque International Sunport and Phoenix Deer Valley Airport, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, El Paso International Airport, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, Phoenix City of Colorado Springs Airport, Phoenix Deer Valley Airport and Phoenix City of Colorado Springs Airport. These facilities provide departure and arrival services for business and private aviation travelers.

These offerings include: cutter aviation

  • Line and fuel service
  • Avionics and maintenance service for aircrafts, factory-trained
  • Aircraft sales
  • Management of aircraft

Air charter on-demand with their fleets of turboprop and jet aircraft

Cutter Aviation also operates an aircraft sales and maintenance office in Carlsbad (Calif.)

Cutter Aviation is a leading seller of aircraft. They are not Clay Lacy Aviation only the oldest FBO in America, but they are also the largest Piper Aircraft and HondaJet dealer in the world.

Building strong business relationships starts within

In the mid-90s, William W. Cutter assumed the presidency of the company from William R. Cutter, the President/CEO. Cutter’s father, William R. Cutter, is still present in the office every day. Mike Livezey (director of special projects), commented on the involvement of the Cutter family. He said that it was a true honor to be able to remind them of the specialness of this family-owned business.

Cutter Aviation is one of the largest companies in America. It can be difficult to maintain a family atmosphere. For a company that has been successful for over 87 years, treating employees and customers like family is part of their corporate DNA.

Cutter Aviation takes pride in its employees and promotes them up. Cutter Aviation employees are accustomed to staying loyal to their job, even in an age where career hopping is common. Many employees enjoy tenures of 20 years or more. The FBO provides career pathways, not jobs.

The FBO also recommends that employees are well-rounded corporate citizens and actively engage in the local community.

Prieser stated, “We try and involve ourselves in the area, including being the title sponsor for Arizona Business Aviation Association depuis 2006.” “We have also had many of our employees volunteer for safety committees as well as the advisory council for NBAA or S&D.”