Tips for Cheap Car Shipping

It’s not about getting the cheapest auto transport company. As with most things in life you get what your pay for. Auto transport services are no exception.

We want to provide enough information to help you save money on shipping your vehicle. We have 12 tips to help find the best way to ship your car, no matter where you live.

Multiple quotes

It is important to shop around. You should receive at least two quotes, regardless of whether you call an auto transport broker or a carrier directly to obtain their rates. Get an instant quote now from us to get started!

Opt for an open transport carrier over an enclosed one

Open trailers are the most common type of vehicle on the roads today. Open trailers are a feature of our own truck fleet. Although we do not own enclosed trailers, as an auto transport broker licensed in the state of California, we can help you find one if you require one.

You pay more for enclosed transport because there are fewer of them. An enclosed transport costs on average 40-50% more than an opened transport carrier. If you own a rare or expensive luxury vehicle, enclosed transportation is your best choice. If you need to ship a car for a low price, an open transport carrier is the best option.

You can pick up and deliver to any location you choose

You will pay more to ship your vehicle if the pickup and delivery locations are far from major cities or interstates. This scenario will make it more expensive to ship a car. You should be flexible and willing to drive the car to a better location to meet the driver. You can save money if you live 30 minutes from major interstates or larger cities.

Ship in the Off Season

June-August are the busiest months in the auto transportation industry. December to February are the slowest months. Cheap car shipping is best done during the slower months. You will pay a lower shipping cost in January than you would in July.

Flexibility in your Pick-up and Delivery Times

To get a driver to pick up your car or deliver it by a certain date, a broker or carrier will almost always charge a premium. Flexibility is the best way to ship a vehicle. You can actually save more money by giving the broker or carrier the freedom to schedule your transport when it suits you best.

Search for Terminal to Terminal Carriers

There are terminal yards that can handle cars from and to certain carriers. These terminal-to-terminal transports are also known. These terminal yards are often located near major interstates and larger cities. These carriers do not have to ship your car directly, but they can ship it to their terminal yards. Their rates are often lower than those of door-to-door transport companies.

How much does it cost to tow a car from California to Utah?

Cost to tow a car between California and Utah will vary depending on the vehicle type, distance from major highways, and milage. Long distance car shipping quotes Towing, a nationwide auto towing company, specializes in the transportation of cars across the United States. To tow a vehicle from California to Utah, the cost is approximately $595 in Southern California, $675 in Central California, and $595 in Northern California. Extra charges may apply to larger vehicles. Agents may ask for additional information if your vehicle isn’t running.