Clay Lacy Aviation: Boosts Efficiency by 35% Using ABBYY Flexiblei Capture

Clay Lacy Aviation, headquartered at Los Angeles’ Van Nuys Airport, CA, employs over 500 people and is well-known for its outstanding service and exceptional people.


  • Process invoices at a lower cost
  • Reduce time processing invoices
  • Process accuracy can be improved
  • Make use of existing technology


  • Lower labor costs
  • You can save time on invoice processing
  • Human error significantly reduced
  • Employers are less likely to view invoices
  • System Integrated Seamlessly With Legacy System

The Client

Clay Lacy Aviation (CLA), is about theĀ feeling of flying through clear skies. CLA was founded in 1968 by an industry pioneer, aviator, and is today the most experienced private jet operator in the world. CLA was the first charter company to offer executive jet charters west of the Mississippi. It wanted to give clients that same freedom across the country. CLA has served a wide range of clients over the 50 years. They have provided services to celebrities, government agencies, Fortune 500 companies and business leaders. It sells, service, and maintains all major manufacturers’ jet aircrafts.

CLA is dedicated to providing the highest quality of Sanger Boats safety, value and service to clients. However, they faced an obstacle to efficiency in invoice volume. They implemented ABBYY Flexible Capture and saw efficiency improvements of 35% thanks to Naviant.

Invoice Overload Clay Lacy Aviation

You might expect that dealing with many clients, vendors, or suppliers meant there was an overwhelming amount of paperwork coming in the mail. To make matters worse, the forms were available in almost every shape and size.

CLA mailboxes receive more than 35,000 invoices annually from all over the world. The staff had to spend a lot of time processing all this paper. The high volume of invoices was handled by a team of 20 people. Some invoices took up to half an hour to enter the system. It’s not surprising that errors were common due to all the work involved in this setup.

Something had to be done. It was not possible to add staff because of the increasing costs and the processing errors. They needed a solution that would meet all their needs. However, they wanted to be able leverage their existing technology including an enterprise resource planning system. Clay Lacy Aviation felt it was time for a definitive search.

Transformation through Capture Clay Lacy Aviation

Clay Lacy Aviation was helped by Naviant’s team who implemented a complete solution with ABBYY Flexi Capture. ABBYY Flexi Capture, an Intelligent Document Capture platform, helps organizations improve their processing efficiency and lower the risks and costs associated with it.


Automated data capture and processing to speed up processing allows you to eliminate bottlenecks

  • No matter how they are formatted or structured, capture and validate documents
  • Reduce human error in processing
  • You can save significant time, money and resources.